Fashion at its highest level will always be fashion , ‚ÄúOversize‚ÄĚ, it is personality, it is imagination, it is style.

Although, it is a simple instinct to implement your outfits; Not only is it enough to wear bigger clothes, but we must be very creative and strategic so that our look speaks of ourselves as we want.

Fashion is a changing reflection of our way of being and the times in which we live. As a term, it has several meanings, it can refer to the uses, tastes and customs of society at a certain time and place. In a more restricted sense, it encompasses the art and industry of clothing, the manufacture of clothing and its various accessories and accessories.

What is oversize in fashion?

Some of the most influential fashion designers define it as a trend "from another world" , others, on the contrary, say that it is "monopolizing" and gaining ground on all the catwalks of the world.

Oversize, comes from English, and translates as "larger" or "size above" , which refers to the tendency to wear excessively loose and baggy clothes.

Oversize fashion is not new, since the 80s we began to see samples of what is now considered a fashion trend.

It is becoming increasingly valid for its comfort and versatility. But be careful, to follow this trend, it's not enough just to choose a T-shirt two sizes larger, or an xxl size hooded sweater; You should always take into account the combination of different colors and textures, so that your outfit is the perfect complement to your personality.

The oversize style does not refer to a certain garment or only to clothing, but also to accessories.

The general designs are designed so that their finish results in XL sizes.

It is the garments and accessories themselves that achieve this effect, so there is no need to go to garments of other sizes to simulate the practice.

The term oversize applies in many scenarios:

  1. oversized bag
  2. oversized jumper
  3. oversized pants
  4. oversized shirts
  5. oversized accessories

The conclusion is that this style gives the feeling of wearing clothes several sizes larger, even having chosen the normal size, since the width of these models is larger than usual.

Tips for using oversize clothing with an enviable look:

Oversize fashion for men is becoming more and more popular, since, just like for women, it offers many options to combine clothes and create that dream look.

  • Do not combine oversize with oversize
  • Do not use it to cover or disguise
  • Combine with accessories
  • Consider the colors and the combination
  • It exposes parts of your skin, without exaggerating

Dare to create and combine combinations in textures and colors. Choose the clothes that you like the most and with which you feel best.

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What are you waiting for to appropriate this fashion?


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