As if it were a spring, the Street Style or "street style" style was born thanks to the photographer "Bill Cunningham" , a "coolhunters" who traveled around New York City on his steel horse, photographing its streets and people. who wandered through them.

This photographer published for one of the most important newspapers in the world, the New York Times and; Little by little, he was introducing photos of the looks of people who lived in the Big Apple and who appeared outfits out of context.

With this innovative idea, we copied these fashion and beauty trends, which today are still icons in the world of catwalks.

Among the different trends that were seen, there was one that drew attention with urban looks that crowned the suburbs and some neighborhoods of mythical cities in the United States.

The mixtures of styles stood out, but what they really wanted was to give life to a fashion that prioritized comfort above all else.

Some of the styles that were approved from the streets and parks to create this fashion that left its mark on young people are:

  • graffiti
  • hip hop
  • rock
  • rap
  • punk
  • skateboarding

On the other hand, history tells us that this style developed from the post-World War II period, in which individuals sought alternative lifestyles in search of their identity and personality, mainly among economically disadvantaged and marginal groups. .

Therefore, the roots of this street style point to authenticity and the desire to express some meaningful intention through said fashion practice.

What is Street Style?

Distinction and elegance when dressing are usually based on the personality of each person. Through clothing we can transmit our character and values ‚Äč‚Äčwithout the need to say anything. The style we use in our day to day is a form of visual communication that says a lot about ourselves.

This style is characterized by being a daily dress and very changeable, since it can be used to go to class, you can go to the office, to go to the supermarket or even to go out to a party or be with your group of friends having a shot in a shopping center.

Due to its informality, it was not very common to see street style on catwalks or red carpets, although in recent years this way of dressing has gained a lot of reach and there are many celebrities who bet on this street style when it comes to dressing.

We must bear in mind that casual or informal does not mean careless. You don't always have to wear a jacket to be elegant or well dressed. There are many styles and that is not why one is better or worse than another.

Very similar to its relative, the "oversize" style that does not refer to a certain item of clothing or only to clothing, but also to accessories.

The oversize designs are designed so that their finish simulates wide clothing, in addition, the garments and accessories themselves are the ones that achieve this effect, so that it is not necessary to go to garments of other sizes to simulate the practice.

Later, street style fashion began to be associated with some genres of music such as hip hop, rap and punk, characterized by wearing basic and oversized garments, such as sweatshirts or t-shirts. In this style, comfort prevails when dressing and transmits strength, security and rebellion.

Street style is a versatile trend, rising from a common social practice, embodied by certain cultural and social groups, to becoming an important segment of the fashion industry in general. The garments that characterize this street style are mainly comfortable and oversized clothing, as our clothing brand YAGE MODA does.

Our products range from hoodies, jackets, pants, t-shirts and accessories to unisex outfits.


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