Fashion Week or fashion week is an orbital event, where all designers bring out their best version in imagination, creation and innovation; it is a cult of fashion and elegance, an eloquence of colors.

This magnificent event is held in the most important capitals, they are events held every year, between January and March.

All participating designers show their autumn-winter and spring-summer collections. Fashion week should be held months before the season to give manufacturers time to sample their creations for the following season.

This also gives merchants time to purchase the materials and introduce the designs to the retail market.

Fashion week is attended by buyers from major stores, writers from the most important fashion and beauty magazines, the media, celebrities and members of the entertainment world; with a calendar that covers the main cities of the world:

  1. New York Fashion Week
  2. London fashion week
  3. Madrid fashion week
  4. Paris fashion week

They are wonderful cities and exceptional tourist attractions, especially for those interested in fashion.

Little by little, new versions of fashion week are coming out, for example, the men's catwalk that opens between autumn-winter and spring-summer; will be held in Milan.

In this magnitude of events, the best of the upper class in couture comes to the fore and, not only that, from presentations that can include live music, famous actors, lavish galas to charity events.

Some events allow the public to purchase VIP chairs to view runway shows or attend exhibitions displaying handbags, jewelry, shoes, watches; etc

YAGE in New York

The city that never sleeps is the birthplace of some of the most famous and important designers in the world, as well as a jump for those new global color talents, such as:

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Calvin Klein
  • Vera Wang
  • Mark Jacobs
  • Susan Alexandra
  • priscavera
  • Kenneth Nicholson
  • Puppets and Puppets

With the passage of time, New York has become the perfect setting to wear all kinds of clothes, all the glamour, originality, style; end up influencing and setting new trends internationally.

Importance of Fashion Week:

There is no turning an eye when talking about the economic power that fashion week generates for the American city.

New York demonstrates this with the profits generated by the two annual editions of its Fashion Week that are held there. These reach 865 million dollars and it should be said that, in addition, the sector generates 173,000 sources of work.

"Eric Adams, mayor of the Big Apple, expressed that the strength of the fashion industry in New York, a sector in which more than 173,00 people work, receive an equivalent of more than 10,000 million dollars in salaries, which guarantees The American Entrepreneurial Spirit.


At present there are many fashionable styles when it comes to dressing and these are usually based on the personality of each one. Through clothing we can transmit our character and values without the need to say anything. Yage Moda, conveys all the casual power of its fabrics, spacious and with bright colors, confirms the style we use in our day to day and transforms it into freedom and comfort.


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